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National lottery live '98 Royal Variety Show
Vic & Mel B on TFI interview Mel C & Brian Adams on Top of the Pops
Children in need '98 First exhibition of pregnant Victoria
Mtv Ema '98 Emma & Mel C chat on CV3
Geri at the Mtv Vma awards '98 Geri at Charles 50 birthday
Much Music & Interactive '98 Mel B's wedding
Pavarotti & Friends '98 David Letterman Show '98
National Lottery (First Viva Forever in 4) Last Top of the Pops in 5
Last interview with Geri Last Viva Forever in 5
In a LA pool Mtv Vma '97
Mtv Ema '97 Brits Awards '98
Premiere at Planet Hollywood Brits Awards '97
Movie Festival of Cannes '97 BillBoards Awards '97
Eden Hotel (Rome'97) "I saw them here for the first time"